Skyrc Q200 quattro AC/DC charger sk-100104

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The ultimate in flexibility and brute charging power, the Sky RC Q200 charger is the charger all others are compared to.

The SkyRC Q200 is a Quad-channel charger with 4 independent circuits, which can charge four different kinds of batteries simultaneously at up to 20amp (Combined) It is capable of charging a range of battery types; Li-Po 1-6s, Li-HV 1-6s, Li-FE 1-6s, Li-Ion 1-6s, Ni-Mh 1-15s, Ni-Cd 1-15s, PB 2-20v.

You can connect it to a PC or mobile device to change settings and monitor the progress of your charge cycles using a bluetooth connection. Firmware upgrades can also be completed using the PC software interface.


  • 'Scan to Go' Function
  • Terminal Voltage Control
  • Re-peak Mode for NiMH/NiCd Battery
  • Firmware Upgrade
  • Over Temperature Protection/ Over Capacity Protection/
  • Reverse Polarity Protection 

Included in the box are four sets of plugs for charging and the 240v approved cord to plug into the wall here in Australia.