Roche-Rapide P10W EVO2 235mm Competition Pan Car Kit

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Roche Rapide P10W EVO2 1/10 235mm Competition Pan Car Kit


<Roche - Rapide P10W EVO2 Features>

l   New design 2.5mm high grade graphite materials for main chassis and lower pod plate.

l   New design dual upper deck.

l   New design 7075 aluminum front lower bulkhead.

l   New design graphite lower arm.

l   New design spring steel front axle and steering knuckle.

l   New graphite floating servo plate and 7075 aluminum servo mount.  Servo position fine adjustable.

l   New black steel steering turnbuckle (M3x57mm).

l   New design graphite top plate with quick change damper angle and 14 position selectable.

l   New DVS-V3 big bore center damper with long extension post.

l   New design graphite front brace and rear chassis brace.

l   New design 7075 aluminum long side link mount, servo mount and center pivot brace mount.

l   New design side link angle adjuster.

l   New design slide style center pivot mount.

l   New design 7075 aluminum motor mount / rear bulkhead.

l   New design graphite rear pod plate.

l   New design 7075 aluminum axle height adjuster.

l   New design low CG rear body mount.


l   Caster adjustment : 1.8/3.25/6.15 deg.

l   Low friction coating pivot balls and ball studs.

l   Polished kingpin and upper hinge pin

l   Spring steel upper arm turnbuckle (M3x15mm).

l   High grade composite front suspension plastic parts.

l   Low profile and mini size servo compatible.

l   Micro side dampers rear suspension design.

l   Quick center damper angle and position adjustment design.

l   Inline alignment battery placement with forward/backward position selectable. Cross-chassis battery placement.

l   7075 aluminum main shaft holder, precise adjustment ride height by spacers.

l   Floating pod link rear suspension.

l   High precision ball differential and reliable Carbon main shaft.

l   Thrust ball bearing is included in ball differential with maximum performance.

l   64P (16 balls) spur gear.