BittyDesign Nardò 190mm 1/10 Touring EP Car Body Shell

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SpeedyRC proudly announce that the Premium Euro Brand: BittyDesign has authorize their top quality Car body shells to our eStore.


The Nardò body represents a new reality for drivers all around the globe who are racing at highest level and want obtain the maximum performances from their model. The body has been tested and developed for several months in Italy by BD official development team together with team drivers from Germany and Finland.
The final result is a bodyshell with recognizable features, in particular the front and rear tyres area that we designed to allow different placement of the body respect the central line of tyres; driver will have the possibility to place the body in 3 positions, neutral (centre), backward and forward to give at the model a real different balance.
The tests done with the new Nardò body showed an incredible feeling for the whole 5 minutes together with performances at top level. The Nardò body gives to your model a great steering response but at same time outstanding grip and speed in the second part of the turn. The stability of the car while eccelerating out of corners is something never seen before.


  • Body type:1/10 Touring EP 190mm
  • Thickness: 0.75mm
  • Painting: Clear unpainted body