IF14-Ⅱ 1/10 EP TOURING CHASSIS KIT (Carbon Chassis Edition) CM-00006

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IF14-Ⅱ 1/10 EP TOURING CHASSIS KIT (Carbon Chassis Edition) CM-00006


The new Infinity IF14-II is building up on the IF14 and will feature a new drivetrain layout that sees the spur gear being moved to the front of the motor, as the latter remained in the same position as on the IF14. The layout was chosen to create a balanced driving feeling, on and off throttle, and to enable the car to run at a constant speed throughout the race.

New features of the Infinity IF14-II:

  • Create excellent steering response and traction for all levels of driver
  • Newly-designed front and rear lower suspension arms
  • Newly-designed shock lever ratio adjustment system
  • Newly-designed shock mount position adjustment system
  • Newly-designed USP (ULTRA SHORT PROFILE) oil shock and shock tower
  • Newly-designed adjustable Ackermann steering plate
  • Newly-designed carbon main chassis and top deck
  • Newly-designed suspension mount
  • Newly-designed upper and lower bulkhead
  • Newly-designed adjustable upper camber-link mount
  • Newly-designed Lightweight resin front spool axle
  • Newly-designed center axle and track gear holder
  • Newly-designed aluminum integrated motor mount
  • Newly-designed aluminum integrated servo mount
  • Newly-designed battery holde