G-FORCE Tyre Sander G0087 G0088

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G-FORCE Tyre Sander G0087 (Black) and G0088 (Blue)

This Product is available on Pre-order. it will be available within 4 days once pre-order has been made. Please contact us: info@speedyrc.com.au to place an order.

This is the must-have equipment for the break-in of your new set of tires.

Tires are 90% of a car's set-up, any time, anywhere. They're the first thing you should focus on, the first thing to get right, before you even start thinking about anything else.
No other adjustment can compensate for bad tires; if you make a bad choice, you're basically screwed.

Your tires are the only link between the car and the ground. That link depends solely on the friction between the surface and the tire's contact patch.
So It is very important to have your new hand-out tyres pre-shape and have the rubber component break-in. And This is what G-FORCE Tyre Sander stand for.

G-FORCE Tyre Sander provide some very cool features as below:

  • Rotational speed adjustable
  • Show the number of revolutions LED gauge
  • The one-touch switching the direction of rotation
  • Aluminum body with excellent heat dissipation

Product Specifications:

Input voltage DC 6V-15V
Size 159 × 70 × 66 (mm)
Weight 710g