Hobbywing Combo XR8 Pro G2-4268 G3-OffRoad-A 1900kv HW38020427

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Full combo with speed controller and motor for 1/8 brushless buggy use.

Speed controller specifications:

  • 5 built-in common profiles, suitable for all 1/8 cars in competition, select and use instantly. (For example, Zero timing-Blinky mode, 1/8 all-terrain racing, 1/8 track, 1/8 GT GT8, 1/8 sport mode.
  • 29 built-in adjustable parameters to set various power requirements.
  • Settings can be imported and exported, allowing drivers to communicate and learn from each other by sharing their settings directly with their friends.
  • Supports ESC software update (via multifunction LCD program box or OTA programmer is required for purchase). You can take advantage of the latest functions and upgrade your speed controller as soon as an update is released.
  • Supports 48 degrees Boost and Turbo.
  • When matching with XERUN 1/8 motor (G3 4268/4274), the maximum speed can be increased by 50%, easily win!
  • Multiple functions: low voltage protection, thermal protection of ESC, motor and capacitor.
  • The BEC power output can be modulated with a maximum output of 15A and adjustable voltage from 6V to 8.4V (in 0.1V increments) for use with servos and other devices that require different voltages.
  • The built-in reverse connection protection circuit of the ESC prevents damage to the ESC due to polarity error. Perfect if you are distracted :-)
  • The offline data logging function can read all the maximum data reached.
  • The temperature and speed of ESC and motor can be read directly through the smartphone app by HW Link (requires OTA programmer - sold separately), which is convenient for the driver to analyze the operation of the system.
  • The real-time data logging function: open this function by connecting the ESC with HW Link via OTA Programmer. It can check power, voltage, current, temperature, RPM and other data in real time, and get the working status of controller and motor.

Motor details:

Compared with XERUN 4268/4274 G2, the motor structure is greatly optimized, the efficiency is improved by 6% or more, which effectively reduces the increase in motor temperature, for even more performance!

  • Technology with Turbo Timing
  • Full Sensored Mode (when used with XR8 SCT, XR8 plus or XR8 Pro speed controllers)
  • Mechanical timing (CW-CCW) adjustable outside the motor (+ or - 20/40 degrees)
  • Improved sensor positioning system, with patented "Hall Sensor" technology: independent high speed and high precision encoder that will always produce a pure and precise rotor position signal, which will effectively isolate any external interference, for even more precision and sensation.
  • 4 pole rotor with 8 magnets in "Staggered Pole" mode, a patented Hobbywing technology
  • A new design that guarantees good heat dissipation and optimum protection against dust
  • The use of double-insulated windings (240 ° C R-rated), NMB bearings from Japan and the high-intensity adhesive (340 ° C) ensures users outstanding performance and exceptional durability.


  • 1900KV for off-road use
  • Weight: 315g
  • Use: 2S-6S
  • Resistance. (Ω): 0.0075
  • Diameter: 42mm
  • Length: 68mm