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SKU: BW001

After months of intensive development, we are proud to unveil an innovative and exclusive product: Tires Balancer. The purpose of the product is to allow the user to compensate tires balance defects, with an innovative method: the indication of the imbalance and the position of the weight to balance is managed by electronics of the highest level and precision. With the Tires Balancer the balancing of the tires will be simple, fast and with extremely precise results thanks to the accurate quality controls and tests carried out in the factory.

The balancer can be used for the 1/10 onroad, 1/10 EP and 1/8 onroad categories by interchanging the wheel adapters (BW002 - BW003). A 1/8 offroad and GT version, with a dedicated case, will be available soon. The balancer is supplied in a silkscreened rigid case and with a power cable (12V DC), the manuals (in multiple languages) will be available shortly on our website ( which can be accessed through QR code on the back of the balancer case.

To complete the product, only for the 1/8 onroad category, screws with calibrated weight (BW001) are available to be applied in the special housings of the Matrix Five rims. For the other categories we recommend the use of thin-gauge leaded tape (the use of putty is not recommended).