O.S. SPEED 1CR00 R2104 World Champion OS-1CR00

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Shoki Takahata, who used OSSPEED R2104, won the grand prize at the "2019 IFMAR 1/8 IC Track World Championship" Grand Final held at STEEL CITY RC SPEEDWAY in California on November 2nd. 2nd place was Shimotaka Akira, OSSPEED R2104 finished 1-2, and the OSSPEED engine won the world championship title for the first time in the category of 1/8 on-road racing. In commemoration of that, we have released it as the OSSPEED R2104 WORLD CHAMPION model.

The reducer is a special gold-plated special
outer head. The two-color alumite finish commemorates the victory. The
comes with a new manifold used for the laser machining world championship.
* The above four items are not sold individually. 


This product is sold only as a T-2080SC silencer and combo set with manifold.