O.S. SPEED T1203 Combo w/T-1070SC Muffler OS-1BS01 GOLD EDITION

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O.S.SPEED "T1202" developed as the strongest small block engine.

A new successor engine appeared in this popular engine which is also active in the 1/10 touring car world championships and the like. That is "T1203" introduced here.

Comparing to previous model "T1202", this engine is not only improved the fuel consumption performance but also the torque in the medium and low speed range, even on the high grip road surface, it was improved so that it can firmly demonstrate its own power.

Moreover, in order to make it hard to be influenced by the temperature of the day, you can see the construction which made the performance improvement to the detail to the detail, such as changing the outer head diameter and improving the cooling performance.



Stroke volume: 2.10 cc / 0.128 cu.in.
Bore: 13.67 mm / 0.538.
Stroke: 14.3 mm / 0.563 in.
Practical rotation speed: 5,000 - 45,000 r.p.m.
Output 1.75 ps / 1.73 hp / 35,000 r.p.m.
Weight: 230 g / 8.11 oz



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