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The new ORCA VRITRA B32 features all new hardware and firmware specifically tuned and featured for Blinky/StockSpec competition.

The B32 features a lightweight, low center of gravity (LCG) aluminum finned construction with on-board switch. The B32 is intended to deliver top performance for Blinky/StockSpec racing for on-road and off-road competition.

ORCA has redefined the blinky electronic speed control to deliver the B32!


  • Now Available!
  • Blinky Mode Only for spec racing
  • Advanced High Speed 32bit CPU
  • Push Button Power Switch
  • ORCA Premium Capacitor
  • All Aluminum Casing
  • Ultra Low Resistance Design
  • Ultra Light Weight 27g
  • 19 Programmable Functions
  • Continuous Current :100A
  • Maximum Current: +400A
  • Power Input : 2S Lipo/6 Cells Nimh/NiCd/2S Life
  • BEC Output: 6V/7V 5A
  • Cooling Fan: 25mmX25mmX10mm High Speed Fan
  • Motor: Sensored Motor Only
  • Motor Limit: 10.5T
  • Designed to pass ROAR ZERO TIMING Regulation
  • Dimension: 35.8mm L/29.5mm W/13.85mm H
  • Weight: 27g (No Capacitor, No Fan)
  • Color Black

19 Programmable Functions

  • ESC Motor Link : A+B-C/C+B-A
  • Punch Level : 1~15
  • PWM: 2000Hz~32000Hz
  • Dragbrake: Off~30%
  • Compress: Off~50%
  • Punch Fine Tune: (-5~Normal~+5)
  • Brake Frequency: 100Hz~5000Hz
  • Initial Brake: 0%~60%
  • Brake Range: 0%~100%
  • Maximum Brake Force: 0%~100%
  • Running Mode: Forward/Brake, Forward/Rev, Forward/Brake/Rev
  • Battery: LiPolymer/Li-FE/NI-XX
  • Cut Off Voltage: Off/Low/Middle/High
  • ESC Overheat Protection: No Protection/120C*/105C*/95C*
  • Motor Overheat Protection: No Protection/120C*/105C*/95C*
  • Neutral Range: 2%~15%
  • Fan Mode: Auto/40%/80%/100%
  • BEC Voltage: 6V/7V
  • Motor Action:CCW/CW