Roche Rapide P12-2017 WC /12 Competition Car Kit

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Roche Rapide P12-17 Features:

  • Roche RC is beginning from 2004, we are continuing to improve our manufacture technology, quality of materials and development on products in the past 10 years. In 2015, we are proud to announce that the first Roche complete car kit is scheduled to release on March/2015. This is “Rapide P12” 1/12 scale competition pan car.

    2.5mm high grade graphite materials for main chassis
    Wheel base +/-2.0mm adjustable on front lower aluminum suspension block (199mm/201mm)
    Caster adjustment : 1.8/3.25/6.15 deg
    Low friction coating pivot balls and ball studs
    Front upper arm mount pin brace
    Polished kingpin and upper hinge pin
    Hard coated aluminum steering turnbuckle (M3x42mm)
    Spring steel upper arm turnbuckle (M3x15mm)
    High grade composite front suspension plastic parts from Xenon Racing
    Mini and micro size servo compatible
    Micro center damper with POM CNC machined piston
    Narrow design aluminum center damper mount
    Inline alignment and cross-chassis alignment battery placement
    7075 aluminum rear chassis brace mount
    7075 aluminum easy adjust side spring holder
    7075 aluminum motor mount and left rear bulkhead
    7075 aluminum main shaft holder, precise adjustment ride height by spacers. +/-1mm forward/backward main shaft position adjustment.
    2.5mm graphite rear motor pod bottom stiffener
    High precision ball differential and reliable carbon main shaft
    64P 90T (16 balls) spur gear from Xenon Racing

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