SANWA MT-44 2.4GHz 4 Channel Digital Transmitter with RX-482 (Piano Black)

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■SYSTEM: 2.4GHz FH4T/FH3 ■4CH ■Transmitter: TX-471 ■Receiver: RX-482

[New features]
●Movable Carrying Handle ●Quick Setup Wizard ●Safety Link ●Racing Mode ●Customized Menu ●Micro SD card-compatible ●Telemetry Switch ●Clock ●Circumstance Temperature Display ●CSV Output for LOG data ●CODE 10-compatible (Naming support) ●Simultaneous three telemetry data display ●Three AAA Batteries ●Li-Po 1 cell-compatible (USB change support)

[Other functions]
●Large full dot LCD monitor ●Wight LED back light ●Full adjustable trigger ●Telemetry function ●Built-in antenna ●Multi Menu Selector ●ST/TH Tension Adjuster ●Dual Rate ●End Point Adjuster ●Anti-lock Brake ●Servo Speed ●Offset ●Trim/Sub trim ●Servo Reverse ●Curve (Exponential /Adjustable Rate Control) ●AUX1 (Movement type for 3CH. it's the same as MT-4S function.) ●AUX2 (Movement type for 4CH. it's the same as MT-4S function.) ●Fail safe (power/ battery) ●Timer (lap/ interval/ down) ●Lap ●Logger ●20 model memory (when used with SD card, 250 models is available.) ●Model Name (12 letters) ●Model (Select/ Clear/ Copy) ●Direct Model Select ●Trim Type (Center/ parallel) ●Throttle Type (70:30 / 50:50) ●RF MODE Setting (FH4T/FH3) ●Response Mode Setting (NOR/SHR/SSR)* ●Key Assign(SW/TRIM/DIAL/LEVER) 
・CODE AUX (w/ Naming function)
・STEP AUX (Step 1 - 100)
・POINT AUX (2 - 6 point)
・4WS MIXING (Front/Rear/Normal(coordinate phase)/Reverse(opposite phase))
●Buzzer(scale/volume) ●Transmitter Battery Alarm ●LCD Contrast ●Volume Adjustment ●Mechanical Rudder Angle ●Small Grip Pad 
●Compatible Receivers:
*Telemetry-compatible(RX-482, RX-472, RX-47T, RX-462, RX-461)
*Non-Telemetry-compatible(RX-481, RX-481WP, RX-471 Dual ID, RX-471W, RX-471, RX-451R, RX-451, RX-381, RX-380)



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