Sanwa MT-5 Transmitter Radio w/ RX-493i

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Sanwa's MT-5 Transmitter radio is about to hit the market. This mid-range radio is ideal for Racers looking for a remote that has many of the great features that are required when setting up your RC race cars.

  • High quality
  • Great price
  • Super fast response

Specific details to be announced.

View the manual for the Sanwa MT-5

Compatible Receivers

  • RX-491
  • RX-492
  • RX-493
  • RX-493i

Speedy RC is committed to bringing the latest Pro RC gear to the customer ASAP. We're now taking pre-orders on the Sanwa MT-5 which is due to be shipped early next year.*

Pre-orders are available to secure the Sanwa MT-5 with the first shipment. All pre-orders are fully-refundable and the final price will be paid prior to shipment by the customer. The price will likely be the same as other introductory models previously released. Shipping can be calculated and paid for now too to lock-in today's shipment prices.

Details, specifications, images and price will be released as soon as we're given the information.

Get excited! Secure your Sanwa MT-5 in the first shipment!

The new Sanwa MT-5 will be compatible with RX493 receiver.


  • Price: TBA
  • Details: TBA
  • *Official Release Date: TBA
  • Pre-Orders: Now Available for first shipment. Outstanding balance of price will be invoiced before shipment. Fully refundable.