XRAY X4 GRAPHITE EDITION 1/10 Luxury Electric Touring Car

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The XRAY X4 is designed, developed, and fully manufactured in-house at the Team XRAY factory in Slovakia, Europe. Using the most high-tech German and Swiss machines and premium European materials, crafted with XRAY's trademark attention to detail by our production specialists, the XRAY X4 is truly a masterpiece.

The X4 platform was tested for improvements across all track conditions to provide race-ready performance out of the box. Even with this goal, there are still differences in track conditions that can require different components for the best results.

To allow the customer to choose their ideal starting point, there are three versions of the X4: the Graphite, Flex Aluminum and Solid Aluminum Edition, each tuned for different track conditions.

  • The Graphite edition is intended for asphalt tracks and low traction carpet tracks.
  • The Aluminum Flex edition is suitable for many carpet tracks and high traction asphalt tracks.
  • The Aluminum Solid edition is configured for high bite carpet tracks such as US black carpet style.

Part no. XY300032


  • Next generation X4 touring car platform features an advanced upper/lower arm suspension mounted to new bulkhead framework and a narrowed chassis layout to push performance to the next level
  • Unique CFF™ - Carbon Fiber Fusion upper and lower suspension arms for outstanding handling & durability
  • All suspension components mount directly to the CFF™ arms without any additional brackets, inserts or bushings for accuracy and reliability
  • ARS suspension with highly adjustable geometry settings including roll center, caster and an active toe adjustment
  • Precision Hudy Spring Steel™ pivot balls in all suspension pivots for smooth suspension movement
  • All-new hubs are universal front and rear to reduce the number of spares for easier maintenance
  • New anti-roll bar shapes match the updated mounting points on the CFF™ suspension arms
  • All-new aluminum shock towers with multiple shock mounting positions for maximum adjustability
  • All-new upper bulkheads with caster inserts for quick setup changes feature centering pins for precise installation and improved reliability
  • Lower bulkheads updated with raised diff height option for improved cornering speed
  • Bulkheads and motor mount feature centering pins for easy assembly and consistent geometry setting
  • All-new super-strong one-piece motor mount for better reliability and has special countersunk holes for purpose-made tweak-free top deck screws
  • Motor mount features two battery backstops with integrated adjustable belt tensioners
  • Graphite, Flex Aluminum or Solid Aluminum versions available to maximize out-of-the-box performance
  • Perfectly symmetrical chassis designed to work with the all-new CFF™ suspensions, motor mount and bulkheads
  • All-new top deck with a narrow shape for easier installation & improved handling
  • Various Multi-Flex settings out of the box
  • Improved front flex characteristics from the front aluminum chassis brace underneath the solid axle
  • Rear body mounting system is connected directly to the chassis for improved downforce and traction
  • Adjustable front body up-stop system incorporated into the front upper arm allows for lower front body positioning to improve high speed steering & stability
  • Servo mount with reversible direction has multiple flex options with the universal design to fit all servos
  • Updated battery holder with graphite spacers for a more secure battery mounting
  • Updated front solid axle & rear gear diff for a centered rear belt position that improves consistency & forward traction
  • Aluminum layshaft redesigned for new belt positions and easier to access spur gear
  • New super narrow, lightweight & perfectly balanced wheel hubs
  • New longer driveshafts in both front & rear for better stability and drivetrain efficiency
  • Improved steering system with a more efficient geometry and lower height for reduced play and more consistency & adjustability
  • All-new aluminum steering arms included in the kit with improved geometry
  • All-new steering bridge with adjustable steering backstop to control steering angle

In depth look

CFF™ Arms.

The unique CFF™ upper & lower suspension arms are an elegant engineering achievement that look great and perform even better on the track. Using XRAY’s own newly developed manufacturing process, a carbon fiber arm and composite arm are molded together using a fusion process to produce a single CFF™ suspension arm.

The benefits of the CFF™ arms are tremendous. The thickness of the inner carbon fiber plate determines the hardness and flex of the arm. The composite around the carbon helps control its flex and rebound, resulting in a very consistent feel from corner to corner.

Medium and hard versions are available to tune the X4 handling to different track conditions.

Suspension Mounting.

Thanks to the unique design of the CFF™ arms, all the suspension components are mounted directly on the arm without additional brackets, bushings or extensions. This direct mounting eliminates unwanted play between these extra components. Most importantly, the reliability and accuracy of the direct mounting ensure that settings remain consistent during a run even after a crash.

Suspension Arms.

The CFF arms create a calm and stable feel on the track while remaining extremely sharp and responsive. The new suspension creates great traction, improves cornering speed, and provides quick reactions to driver input. The result is greater driver confidence that is critical for improved lap times.


The X4 chassis is designed for the new CFF™ suspension arms that are mounted via pivot balls directly to the chassis.

The X4 chassis works together with the new motor mount and bulkheads using alignment holes for the centering pins on each of the mounted components. Thanks to the centering pins, the assembly of structural components is hassle free, and most importantly the parts resist movement in a crash to let you finish the race without losing pace.

Retained from our previous touring car platform, the mid motor chassis layout is designed around the centered drivetrain system.

The narrower design of the chassis together with the perfectly symmetrical shape provide optimal flex characteristics.

The bottom of the alu chassis is tapered to reduce contact between the chassis and the track to improve cornering speed.

There are three chassis alternatives to tune your X4 to any track conditions: 2.2mm graphite or 2.0mm aluminum flex chassis or 2.0mm aluminum solid chassis.

Motor Mount.

The X4 motor and layshaft mounts are integrated into a one-piece design that is placed on the absolute center line of the chassis. The new motor mount has a pressed-in steel layshaft axle that is positioned in the middle of the chassis with the motor located to the rear of the layshaft. The motor mount is designed to maintain a super low CG but is still robust enough to resist bending in serious crashes. The more robust design also reinforces the center of the chassis and improves the stability of the X4.

The top of the motor mount features special milled holes to match the machined ultra-precise top deck screws made in-house. These purpose-made screws ensure the top deck is mounted completely tweak-free to improve the flex characteristics.

The motor mount features two integrated and adjustable belt tensioners to precisely set front and rear tension independently. The belt tensioners also serve as adjustable battery backstops.

The lower part of the motor mount features machined centering pins that are inserted in the chassis for easy assembly and to ensure it does not shift in a crash.

Machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and black anodized.

Battery Backstops.

The X4 motor mount has two integrated and adjustable battery backstops to precisely set the battery offset from the center of the car. The battery backstop system is designed for use with the increasingly common shorty batteries as well as standard packs.

The battery backstops prevent the batteries from moving in a crash and interfering with the spur gear on the center layshaft.

Belt Tensioners.

For maximum drive train efficiency there are two ball-bearing equipped belt tensioners integrated in the motor mount’s battery backstop components. The two tensioners are individually adjustable to control the tension of the front and rear belts independently.

Motor Mount Flex Adjustment.

The motor mount is a vital part of the X4 Multi-Flex settings.

Middle Layshaft.

The all-new aluminum layshaft is strategically CNC-machined to minimize rotating weight without compromising strength or integrity. The hollow layshaft is perfectly round with zero run out, reducing drivetrain vibration.

The lay shaft is machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and then black coated.

The composite belt pulleys key solidly to the layshaft, and the completed assembly is installed onto the motor mount’s steel layshaft axle.


The X4 bulkheads have added centering pins for easier positioning on the chassis and for increased rigidity and consistency.

The new bulkheads offer an upper diff position that is higher than possible on previous models for improved handling in higher traction conditions resulting in better cornering speed and steering. The anti-roll bar mounting position keeps the wire bar placed under the drive shafts for a super low CG.

The bulkheads feature milled grooves for the ball bearing hubs so the bulkheads can sit 1mm closer to the chassis center line from each side.

The bulkheads are connected by a graphite brace in front and shock tower in rear for added stiffness.

Made from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, black anodized

Centering Pins.

All chassis mounted aluminum framework parts including the bulkheads, motor mount, servo holder, front shock towers and rear body post plates feature centering pins for easy assembly and maximum reliability in a crash.

Upper Clamps.

The screws installed from the bottom of the caster inserts capture the inserts in the upper clamps to prevent them from coming loose while servicing the car. The screws also serve as the upper arms pivot ball mounts, reducing the number of components in the assembly and reducing weight.

The upper clamps and caster inserts are made from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and black anodized.


Aluminum inserts easily set the caster angle for quick and accurate tuning. The 2 dot inserts are included for both front and rear, with 1 and 3 dot inserts available for additional tuning options. In the rear suspension, the inserts can be reversed for even more adjustment possibilities.

Top Deck.

The all-new Multi-Flex™ top deck has a narrow shape for easier installation, improved handling characteristics and features several different flex options out of the box through the use of a bearing and/or top deck screws.

The machined ultra-precise top deck screws ensure the top deck is mounted completely tweak-free to improve the flex characteristics.

Made from 2.0mm graphite material, the shape of the top deck has been specifically designed to achieve maximum traction and great steering characteristics at the same time.

Top Deck Flex Settings.

The unique top deck flex settings allow quick and easy adjustment of chassis stiffness between a total of more than 10 different screw combinations. The well-proven bearing flex setting has been retained in the X4 top deck, along with 4 additional screw holes that utilizes special tweak-free flex screws for even more adjustability and fine tuning of the flex settings.

Soft setting: No bushing or bearing is used. This allows maximum flex and provides maximum steering. However, the car is less stable on-power.

Soft-medium setting: The top deck is connected to the motor mount via ball bearing. This setting eliminates a bit of steering but improves stability.

Medium setting: The top deck is connected to the motor mount via special 3x5.5mm screw in the rear, behind the layshaft. This setting eliminates a bit of steering but improves stability.

Stiff setting: The top deck is connected to the motor mount via special screws M3x5.5mm behind and in front of layshaft. This setting provides maximum stability.


All-new graphite composite front and rear hubs create new suspension geometry for improved steering and traction. The hubs contain new bearings and an updated drive axle that moves the driveshaft pivot point deeper into the hub, in line with the hub’s rotational axis between the upper and lower arm.  This new alignment improves driveline efficiency and handling. 

The new hubs allow full adjustability of the axle height to adapt the car to every condition.

The design of the hub is universal with the same part used at all four corners with corresponding extensions. The aluminum front steering plates and rear ARS plates are easily mounted depending on the hub’s location.

The ultra-narrow wheel hubs are lightened for reduced rotating mass and feature a smart axle assembly system through a simple C-clip.

Gear Differential.

The front solid axle and rear differential feature updated designs to move the belt positions closer to the center. By moving the belts closer to the center line of the car, the forward traction and efficiency is greatly improved, which is beneficial in both stock and modified classes

The X4 gear diff produces the on-power steering that is needed on nearly all types of tracks, and is ideal for both carpet and asphalt tracks

The gear diff includes a composite case and cover with the integrated pulley. The internal gears are precision molded from tough composite material and combined with aluminum drive shaft adapters to create a light and super-smooth differential.

Another key advantage of the gear diff is that it is virtually maintenance-free. When the diff is correctly built, there is no need for maintenance for a very long time… no need for frequent oil changes, and no leakage due to the superior sealing system.

Solid Axle.

New solid axle features updated pulley position to shift the front belt alignment to match the new center layshaft for improved consistency and forward traction.

Spur Gears & Pulleys.

Precision-molded spur gears are made from XRAY's exclusive composite material, ensuring true running, super-quiet operation, and robustness for handling powerful motors. A range of optional spur gears for fine tuning is available.

Front Shock Tower.

The split aluminum front shock towers are mounted directly to the chassis and have adjustable flex options by adding screws to secure the towers to the bulkheads for additional stiffness.

Rear Shock Tower.

All-new aluminum one-piece rear shock tower is mounted directly to the rear bulkheads and its shape provides optimized shock positions for maximum rear traction. Unlike the split front towers, the one-piece rear tower was found to provide better consistency and balance throughout testing.

Rear Body Mounting System.

All-new rear body mounting system is connected directly to the chassis and allows installation of the body posts in both the traditional vertical position and a horizontal position for a different feel on the track

The carbon fiber brackets are machined from strong 3mm thick material and are connected to the chassis via sleek aluminum mounts.

Steering System.

The X4 steering system is redesigned for improved steering characteristics and cornering speed. The new steering plate has updated positions for the links and sits closer to the chassis. The steering posts are shorter to reduce the flex in the steering system for more precise reactions to inputs. The steering system also features a shim on the bottom of the plate for easy adjustment of the steering lock angle. The aluminum steering arms are now included as standard in each X4 kit.

The dual-arm steering system is supported by six ball-bearings and rotates on aluminum posts. Ackermann is easily adjusted by inserting shims between the steering plate and ball ends for the steering rods. The lowered position of the steering linkage gives the car improved handling going through the corners.

Servo Mount.

Universal reversible servo mount fits all standard servos without extra parts, with the choice of front or rear position to adjust the chassis flex and steering feel for different conditions.

Drive Shafts.

The X4 features longer 58mm ECS drive shafts in the front and 54mm CVD aluminum drive shafts in the rear. Both ECS and CVD drive shafts have redesigned drive axles with new geometry that places the driveshaft pivot point in line with the rotation of the hubs for improved efficiency and cornering speed.

The XRAY ECS drive shafts equalize the speed between the drive shaft and the wheel when cornering. With a unique 2-piece joint between the driveshaft and the wheel, an extreme turning angle is divided into two shallower angles in the ECS assembly to prevent bind while rotating. Regardless of cornering speed and wheel angle, the inner wheel will not bind or vibrate when using the ECS. Movement through the corner is more stable and precise. With the ECS drive shafts, wheel vibrations and noise are decreased to a minimum, steering is increased, and cornering speed & smoothness are noticeably improved.

ECS drive shafts are exclusively manufactured from special self-developed HUDY Spring Steel™. The drive shafts are strategically lightened to guarantee the lowest possible weight without compromising strength or durability.

The 58mm ECS driveshafts improve performance right out of the box, increasing stability and cornering speed.

The rear of X4 features 54mm long lightweight aluminum CVD drive shafts machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6, hard-anodized and black-coated for stylish looks.  

Front Chassis Brace.

The aluminum front chassis brace installs underneath the front solid axle and significantly improves the front chassis stiffness, making the X4 steering more responsive and generating more forward traction. 

Front Bulkheads Brace.

The graphite brace reduces flex in the front of the car. The brace will increase initial steering response but will reduce grip from mid corner to exit. The brace is recommended for any conditions that benefit from aggressive initial response and is more precise to drive. The brace also increases stability on bumpy tracks

The composite front upper bumper brace prevents chassis damage in serious crashes. The brace was designed to distribute the forces from a big impact to reduce damage to the chassis plate. There are two different mounting positions depending whether the graphite brace is installed or not.

Shock Springs.

All X4 kits include progressive 2.5-2.8 shock springs F/R that are a better starting point for most tracks.

The 4S springs - like all other XRAY springs - are manually measured, selected, and matched into pairs to guarantee precisely equal length and damping characteristics.

ULP Shocks.

XRAY was the first company to introduce the SLP shocks that lowered the CG of the car. Since that time, SLP shocks became the industry standard that everyone uses.

With ongoing development and pushing performance boundaries, XRAY designed unique ULP (Ultra Low Profile) shocks which are 4mm shorter than SLP shocks, thus improving the stability of the car.

ULP shocks were developed to lower the CG of the car even more to the absolute lowest to further improve stability. With ULP shocks the X4 stays flatter, making it easier to drive in chicanes and making it more resistant to traction rolling, letting you carry more speed through high-traction sweepers. Steering response and cornering speed are significantly improved as well.

ULP Shock Parts.

Shock bodies are CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and hardened to ensure maximum lifespan. The aluminum upper and lower nuts have a lower-profile design, including sealing O-ring and upper composite ball joint.

The well-proven pistons remain unchanged, and the set includes 3- and 4-hole pistons with 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2mm diameter holes. The pistons are molded using special processes and composites to ensure extreme roundness while maintaining maximum stiffness and durability.

Servo Saver.

The XRAY servo saver has become the industry-standard saver and remains unchanged and is included in each X4 kit.

Several linkage mounting positions are offered to make the steering linkage adjustment easier. The servo saver consists of 4 springs which makes the servo saver strong enough to provide the precise steering racers demand, while still being flexible enough to prevent servo damage in hard crashes. The servo saver has interchangeable bushings to fit most popular servos.

Battery Holders.

The system controls the positioning of the pack in the chassis while at the same time reducing the battery pack’s impact on chassis flex, resulting in more consistent handling and stability.

Smart battery holders are specifically designed for LiPo batteries and are reinforced for harder impacts. The battery holders prevent the batteries from moving under racing conditions and crashes.

Special Hardware.

To ensure maximum performance, the X4's high-precision pivot balls are machined in-house and then black coated or nickel coated for a smooth and long lasting finish. To maintain proper balance through every run, the in-house machined top deck screws ensure tweak free handling from start to finish.

Drive Belts.

The 2-belt 4WD drivetrain concept provides maximum efficiency featuring 3mm narrow front and rear drive belts that have been specially ground for minimal thickness and maximum flexibility.


A full set of 25 high-speed, blue-sealed and steel ball-bearings are used throughout the drivetrain, steering and anti-roll bars to ensure maximum efficiency. All of the bearings are degreased and oiled with Aero Shell® Fluid 12 for maximum smoothness and long life. The bearings used in steering blocks and uprights have been specially selected to reduce unsprung weight and maximize drivetrain efficiency.

Bearing Holders.

Both front and rear bulkheads feature additional integrated belt-tension adjustment through the use of adjustable bearing eccentric holders. These holders are also reversible to move the differential height from the lower or upper position that is now +1mm higher than the T4 platform.

Anti-roll Bars.

The wobble-free anti-roll bar system is mounted to the front & rear bulkheads via bearings for extra-smooth movement and quick & easy changes and adjustment. Each of the X4 versions comes with specifically chosen thickness of anti-roll bars for best possible performance out of the box.

X4 graphite edition features front 1.3mm and rear 1.2mm anti-roll bars.

X4 alu editions feature front 1.4mm and rear 1.3mm anti-roll bars.

The roll bar rotates in ball-bearings for maximum precision and free movement. Anti-roll bar height is adjustable via a screw.

The complete range of different anti-roll bar thicknesses is designed to work with the ball-bearing roll bar mounting system.

Manuals and Downloads