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JETKO J-ZERO 1/8 Buggy Tire Only (pair)

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To design the NEW “J-Zero” Jetko's engineers looked at the best of the best and analysed how the most efficient tyres performed on low grip tracks. Hours of testing were carried out, mostly on the best European tracks, to understand how our competitors tyres work. It soon became apparent that the challenge was to achieve an extremely flexible tread by creating numerous deformation zones and avoiding designs that offered too much stifness.
At the same time, the sidewalls were redesigned to achieve controlled flex. This means that the lugs are slit to ensure that they do not interfere with the deformation of the carcass, and spaced areas multiply the deformation zones.
The internal structure of the tyre is also new to prevent centrifugal force deforming the contact patch, improving tyre consistency.
Without a miracle the design looks alike the most efficient tyres on these surfaces, with a sculpted sidewall, wide side blocks that contribute to precision, split diamond lugs and diamond lug blocks.
The J-Zero will be perfect on wet tracks with cold wet rubber or dry tracks on low grip with traditional rubber.

Buggy tires available in Medium Soft, Super Soft, Ultra Soft. Tires can be purchased with or without inserts.

Part No. JKO1008D