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Klinik RC Pro 1/8 Carbon Fiber Droop Gauge System Universal Buggy/Truggy

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SKU: Klinik RC Pro 1/8 Carbon Fiber Droop Gauge

One of the most critical adjustments on 1/8 Buggies and Truggies is droop! Not only to be precise, but to be CONSISTENT! After doing months of research with all the available tools on the market we knew there was a better way. Some were almost 1mm off from advertised measurements, inconsistent and frankly poor quality. Tolerances were all over the place! We wanted a system that is precise, consistent, super simple, small and lightweight for hauling.

Measuring shock length only goes so far. The inconsistencies possible in hubs, arms, links, left to right and front to back is incredible. Tighten up your race program with our universal pro droop system! Our set works on both Buggy and Truggy! No other pieces need to be purchased. The days are over of buying blocks, gauges from a variety of brands to try and get one set that works on both cars. our Pro Droop System is machined from premium 3mm carbon fiber, weighs close to nothing and fits in the palm of your hand! The system comes with a super handy pouch to store components when not in use.

  • "0" on the gauge indicates the center of the axle is set to the bottom of the chassis.
  • "+" indicates droop above the chassis
  • "-" indicates droop below the chassis

Very simple!


  • 2x Chassis Blocks
  • 1x Droop Gauge
  • Carry pouch