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KNUCKLE UP ALPHa 8K / 10K Pro Drag Packs

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KNUCKLE UP ALPHa 8K pro drag pack #kualpha8 

Introducing the all new ALPHa Edition

8100 Mah 7.4 volts (2s 6p) 250c max burst power. The new and improved ALPHa 8k measures in at 78x 73 x 37mm (L x W x H) and Weighing in at a nice 475 ±10g without connectors added…..

The new and improved  “ALPHa 8k” has received a full reconfiguration and a lot of internal upgrades with new cell tech that is now in all our Rc drag packs in the future…..

We as a team have put the ALPHa 8k through the most harsh testing procedures our team drivers can dish up to it and it has come out the other side as a contender for pro Rc drag racers alike…..

The ALPHa 8k has been fitted standard in 2024 with high flexibility, high saturation

6 AWG wire, to assist in power bottlenecking due to undersized lead delivery…..

Thank you once again for all your support throughout and look forward to bringing more bad ass battery’s and products to a track near you…..

KNUCKLE UP ALPHa 10K pro drag pack #kualpha10

Introducing our next offering to the NPRC market. Our all new “ALPHa 10k ”at 10000 Mah  (2s5p) 250c max Burst and an all new cell set. Sizing of the 10k is 90 X 70 X 43 mm (L x W x H ) . Weighing in at the 580 grams ±10g……

The ALPHa 10K has received a full upgraded internals with new cell tech and also the same high flex and saturation 6 awg wire used on our ALPHa 8k. The team drivers have been putting the 10k through the most harsh testing we can dish out and the ALPHa 10k has come out the other side as a knock out heavy weight contender to the Knuckle Up Range……

The ALPHa 10K by KU has the output to help even more with the huge voltage drops we are seeing, specially with the new 4 pole market hitting our hobby it holds and gains across the run like all our past packs with fantastic recovery off the line…..

Thank you once again for all your support and we look forward to bringing you more bad ass battery’s and products to the table in the near future.


Due to the “EXTREME” conditions of competition drag and other race forms that use our pack. We offer ZERO warranty on any KU products caused by MISS-USE, CRASH IMPACT, and any other damages caused be consumer influence including over charging, heating, soldering quality and general misuses of our product then what it was intended for…..

Due to the sever conditions all drag and race packs go through in there life cycle as in high charge / discharge requirements used in all forms of Rc drags and racing scenario’s…..

All of our KNUCKLE UP RC batteries go through an extensive QC check at time of dispatch and are also checked prior to send out by our authorised distributors…..

However we will do a case by case check on packs once they have been sent pack back a to reseller for a full check and analysis of any warranty causing issues brought to KU’s attention….


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