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.21 Ielasi Tuned TERRA 1/8 Off-Road Nitro Engine

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The third new engine in the IELASITUNED range that we present to you today is dedicated to the OffRoad category and will replace our previous Dirt and Dusty engines for the future, we are talking about the new IELASITUNED TERRA!!! 

For a few months now used in "secretly" by our official drivers with excellent results, the new TERRA engine compared to our previous versions (Dirt & Dusty) satisfies all the requirements that a top of the range engine must have to be within everyone's reach from professional to amateur: Performance/Quality/Price all in one engine!!! 

This commercial choice was fundamental for me as I believe that even in OffRoad, having a single top-of-the-range engine allows me to concentrate economic development forces in a single engine while also managing to have a competitive price for everyone. 

Going technical, the new TERRA is an EXCLUSIVE IELASITUNED engine because all the engine components are produced as always by OS but have been chosen one by one according to our technical specifications, this engine with this set of components is not part of the series OS engine range.