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O.S. SPEED B2105 .21 Buggy Engine w/ Pipe (Combo)

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O.S.SPEED's off-road racing engine has further evolved. The B2105, which has evolved into the fifth generation of the B21 series, is designed to secure power that gives an advantage in harsh off-road racing scenes, and pursues a driving feel that steadily demonstrates performance in any situation. By re-designing the cylinder liner and crankshaft, we have achieved smooth and linear power delivery.
Furthermore, the effect of a lighter outer head successfully improves drivability in any situation.

Displacement: 3.49 cc /
Bore: 16.27mm / 0.641 in.
Stroke: 16.80mm / 0.661 in.
Output :2.68 ps / 2.64 hp / 34,000 r.p.m.
practical rpm range: 4,000-42,000 r.p.m.
Engine Weight:348g / 12.28 oz.

Standard accessories---------------------------
Glow plug T-P3
Reducer φ6Ⅱ、φ6.5Ⅱ
Exhaust seal ring
Dust cap set 12-30(φ3、φ16、φ18)


  • The newly designed cylinder and liner applies 3 ports. The port shape has been changed and the air-fuel mixture flow has been reviewed to achieve more torque from mid to high end.

  • The modified crankshaft has undergone O.S.SPEED's traditional DLC coating and the internal shape has been revised to improve not only power characteristics but also easier to use than B2104.

  • <Drivability is improved by reducing the weight of the outer head.
  • Inherited from the well-established B2104 crankcase. The bearing inside the case also uses a proven ceramic bearing.
  • By adopting a specially treated thrust plate for the cover plate adopted from B2104, wear caused by friction between the rotating connecting rod and the cover plate is reduced and engine life is improved.