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OS Engines Speed B2103 Type S Nitro Buggy Engine, w/ T-2100 SC Tuned Pipe, .21 Size, 1/8 Off-Road

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The Type S B2103 OS Engine is an all-New 3-port long-stroke engine offering a high torque through the mid-low range with a liner power delivery, plus keeps that OS Engines renowned low fuel consumption.

  • Long-stroke, off-road engine, with exceptional torque in low-middle range, with smooth operation and better fuel consumption
  • The crankcase, a and cover plate, and inner head feature all-New designs.
  • All the parts are interchangeable to those of B2013TYPE R.
  • High vertical finned low-profile cooling head for improved drivability and better heat dissipation
  • New DLC coated crankshaft has two tungsten counter-weights for smooth rotation and balance
  • New designed 3-port cylinder & piston set
  • Inner head with a silicon O ring for reduced vibration and dust prevention
  • Newly designed 22D carburettor, rapid response and smooth acceleration
  • Combo set includes T-2100SC Muffler (EFRA 2155) and M2004 Manifold (85mm)

The B2013 Type S and Type R engines also feature New designs for the crankcase, the crankcase cap and the carburettor. The new DLC-coated crankshaft has two tungsten counterweights for smooth rotation and better balancing. The B2103 Type S comes with a low–profile cooling head to provide better drivability and also vertical fins on the top to improve heat dissipation. An O-ring between the cooling head and the combustion chamber insert helps dramatically reduce vibration, while also providing added protection against dirt and grim thanks to a better sealing. The New 22D carburettor guarantees a high response and smooth acceleration.

All the parts are interchangeable between the speed B2103 Type S and R. The B2013 Type S and Type R will continue to offer a great choice for 2019 with OS Engines continuing the Ty Tessmann 110%, Tessmann II, and B21 Adam Drake engines as well.