Demystifying Silicone Oils (cSt vs WT)

No doubt, silicone oil is recognised as the best oil to use for RC due to the ability to resist changes in viscosity (measurement of fluids resistance to flow) due to temperature fluctuations - but the labelling can cause some confusion. So, what are the various ratings and are they equal?

The most common ratings are cSt (centistoke) & WT (weight); cSt being the 'world-wide standard'. However, it appears when comparing the WT rating across different brands there can be differences in how that compares to the cSt rating.

Below is a comparison chart to help you determine the cSt to WT rating across the popular TLR & Associated brands.

Often, brands that use WT ratings will have its cSt rating labelled.
Note the increments to calculate beyond 500 cSt

cSt TLR WT Associated WT
100 10 7.5
150 15 12.5
200 20 17.5
275 25 22.5
300 27.5 25
350 30 27.5
400 32.5 30
425 35 32.5
450 37.5 35
500 40 37.5