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The best 7.4v Lipo Battery money can buy, and its not expensive!

SpeedyRC is a Pro RC Hobby store, we take pride in sourcing the best possible 7.4v Lipo batteries for every RC application. We've found the best, so we sell the best, Team Zombie 7.4v Lipo batteries.

Team Zombie produce an A Grade battery ensuring a very low cell defective rate (<2%) in the manufacturing process. We've found that many other battery manufactures do not give quality assurance when it comes to Lipo grading. There is a vast difference in battery performance and life expectancy when comparing batteries of different grades. 

We have been recommending and selling the Team Zombie 7.4v lithium battery products for over 5-years with fantastic pro-racing feedback.

Choose Team Zombie 7.4v Lipo's for your next RC application!

✔  Quality Assured
✔  A Grade Cells
✔  Best life expectancy
✔  Best performance

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