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AE Yokomo YZ-10 Classic Kit

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Yokomo YZ-10 Kit

You read that right, this is AE's website, and this is a YOKOMO YZ-10. Did you know that Team Associated and YOKOMO have worked together for over 50 years? In the late 1980s, Team Associated offered the YZ-10, a variant of the popular Super Dog Fighter. We are honored to once again offer this piece of RC racing history, taking you back to when Team Associated and Yokomo teamed up to achieve racing success!

The YZ-10 dominated tracks worldwide, representing the cutting-edge technology of its time and epitomizing the collaboration YOKOMO and Team Associated. In 1989, the YZ-10 claimed victory at the IFMAR World Championships in Australia with Masami Hirosaka. Drivers like Cliff Lett and Masami Hirosaka won many races with the YZ-10.

Now, we proudly present the reissue of this iconic kit, giving all RC car enthusiasts the opportunity to experience this piece of history.

A Legendary Partnership: Team Associated and Yokomo's Dominance in RC Racing
The partnership between Team Associated and Yokomo goes back as far as 1972. However, it was the relationship in the early 80s with Yokomo’s YZ-10 that represents a significant chapter in the history of RC racing.

In the world of remote-controlled car racing, the 1989 IFMAR Worlds in Australia marked a pivotal moment. Team Associated and Yokomo emerged as a dominant force, with drivers Cliff Lett, Masami Hirosaka, Jay Halsey, and Butch Kloeber showcasing their prowess in 4-wheel-drive with the YZ-10 and ruling the course in 2-wheel drive with Team Associated's RC10s, setting the stage for a great partnership between the two companies.

Masami Hirosaka, Jay Halsey and Cliff Lett

Cliff Lett 1991 IFMAR 4WD Worlds champion

Reviving a Legend: The Reissue of the Iconic YZ-10

The famous YZ-10 that dominated the off-road rc racing scene in the 1980s has been faithfully reproduced and reissued with its original configuration, including the 2-belt drive, and double wishbone suspension. To enhance the driving experience , it is equipped with a shorty battery mounting configuration, G10 chassis, and a gear differential.

The front and rear gearboxes are crafted from aluminum castings, and the wheels/tires are reproduced in the classic 1.9-inch size, capturing the authentic atmosphere of its era. The body features a roof duct true to the original design, and the wings are fixed with wires, giving it a nostalgic feel. This legendary model is not only great to drive but also satisfying to display.

Its exceptionally low-profile design was groundbreaking for its time, providing a high level of stability that became one of its major assets.

The front steering block is crafted from die-cast aluminum, with adjustable turnbuckles.

The 1.9-inch wheels and studded tires, which are a size smaller than the current model, vividly bring back memories of that time.


  • 4WD belt drive
  • Adjustable servo saver
  • 3 servo horns included
  • 21T pinion gear included
  • Chassis protector
  • Metric hardware throughout
  • Fluid-filled gear differentials
  • Ball bearings
  • G10 chassis
  • Aluminum bulkhead, motor mount, rear hubs, and steering knuckles
  • Spring loaded servo saver
  • Floating servo mount
  • Threaded shocks
  • Anti-roll bar
  • Original studded tires
  • Slipper clutch
  • Battery box for shorty battery

The Revolutionary Impact of YZ-10: From Works '91 to Historic Advances in RC Racing

1991 IFMAR 4WD Worlds champion trophy and buggy

In 1991 at the IFMAR Worlds, Masami Hirosaka stunned the racing world with a last-minute arrival of a revolutionary prototype—the Yokomo Works '91. This cutting-edge model was meticulously crafted and featured a slew of advancements derived from the winning YZ-10. From its graphite chassis to the innovative 2mm fine pitch drive belts, the Works '91 IFMAR victory led by Cliff Lett epitomized Team Associated's and Yokomo's commitment to pushing the boundaries of 4WD RC car design.

Required to Complete

  • 6-cell NiMH (as saddle pack) or 2S LiPo battery for radio-controlled car
  • Radio control battery charger
  • 1:10 scale radio control electronic speed control
  • 1:10 scale 540-size electric RC car motor
  • 2-channel RC surface transmitter and its batteries
  • Steering servo
  • 2-channel receiver
  • Paint for the body
  • Other helpful items: Body Scissors (#1737), FT Wrench Set (#1519), Hobby Knife, Needle Nose Pliers, Wire Cutters, Soldering Iron, Calipers or a Precision Ruler