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ArrowMax BD7 2014 CHASSIS 2.0MM (7075)

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SKU: AM-BD7-001

ArrowMax BD7 2014 CHASSIS 2.0MM (7075) AM-BD7-001

Aluminum chassis for Yokomo BD7 2014 is now released by ArrowMax.

It is a very valuable tuning tool that lowers the CG of the car at the expense of a little bit of a weight penalty.

However aluminum is a better heat at dissipating heat, so it allows your electronics to run cooler, making them more efficient, which in turn makes your car faster.

Aluminum chassis are not only helpful on high bite tracks. A lower CG and slightly heavier weight can be very valuable in low to medium bite conditions as well.

Aluminum chassis can make car very stable, very predictable and very easy to drive.