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Blitz XFR 0.7mm 190mm Touring Car Body Shell

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SKU: BZ-60211-07

Blitz XFR 190mm 0.7mm EFRA 4028

This is the car body that can give you more steering output compare to Blitz WRX.


Unpainted body.
190mm Electric using rubber tires set up.
Meets GBS Specs and Homologated EFRA 4028.
The design gives a good balance of steering and stability.
Works well for both stock and modified racing.


Body type: 1/10 Touring EP 190mm
Thickness: 0.7mm (Light Weight)
Painting: Clear unpainted body

How good are Blitz Body Shells can achieve?
Please read below:

BLITZ Race Body TQ/ Top 3 in Singaport ROCS Series Race Final
BLITZ WRX wins at Singapore ROCS

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BLITZ Racing Bodies