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Horizontal Rear Post Body Mounting Set LITE 

We are really excited to present our new Ultra Lightweight (6g/pair) revolutionary Body Mounting System for use with Horizontal Rear Body Posts!

Our original HRP system has taken the world by storm, with thousands of racers opting to mount their bodies the better way! After months of feedback from Hobby and Professional drivers, we came to the conclusion that for a specific group of racers, the weight was the most important factor of this system. So our mission began to offer an option with reduced weight whilst maintaining durability, rigidity and adjustability. 

Developing the new HRP Body Mounting Set Lite

After trialling several designs with ductility and durability testing, we found the perfect solution. The weight has been slightly reduced in the plastic mount, as well as the hardware and carbon attachment. The design of the mount no longer requires a spacer to space the attachment forward, also reducing the amount of components and complexity of the design. The carbon attachment is now 2mm thick instead of 3mm and features a slim design. This has weight benefits, but also now the carbon will flex more on big impacts and transfer less force through to the plastic mount, effectively improving the whole systems strength.

We reduced the screw and nut size to M2, keeping stainless steel for strength. This reduced both the weight, and also allowed more plastic around the screws and nut than before, thus providing improved durability. The M3 nut at the top of the mount is now fixed, and not adjustable like before. This helped us to improve the strength of the system overall and also made installation easier. We have maintained the same level of adjustability as before, 7mm for each set. 

We believe all of these factors has led us to a brilliant product for advanced drivers which sacrifices only very minimal strength, for a massive 45% weight reduction keeping the weight in the car lower and more centralised.

Benefits of our HRP Body Mounting System

The handling benefits of horizontal rear body posts are unquestionable. The downforce leveraged onto the back of the bodyshell creates significant benefits to handling, by increasing the downforce distributed to the chassis, as well as making the body more attached during left and right transitioning. 

However, some major issues of this system are durability, stiffness and adjustability. 

Durability: The holes are always close to the skirt, meaning it's quite easy to tear them out or damage the holes in even the smallest of accidents.

Stiffness: This area of the body is very thin and can flex under load, not as efficiently distributing the downforce.

Adjustability:The height adjustability of the body relies solely on the attachment to the chassis Which may not be in fine increments or easy to adjust.

Our new Horizontal Rear Post Body Mounting Set improves on ALL of these areas!

Durability is significantly increased, due to now not having any holes in the rear of the body at all. The connection is made via the 3mm thick carbon extension, which is connected to the wing strut, and is extremely rigid! 

Stiffness is drastically improved now via the body being mounted to the car via a solid, extremely stiff combination of carbon fibre and plastic parts. This provides maximum downforce transfer to the rear of the car, ensuring the aerodynamics of the body is felt to its full potential

Adjustability is able to made in the smallest of increments, whilst having a total of 7mm of travel in each extension. Between the two different sizes of carbon extensions, there's a possible 14mm of travel. Simply loosen the screws, slide the carbon extension up or down and tighten. These screws tighten into steel nuts, providing absolutely no chance of movement or failure.

All of this provides you with an absolutely perfect solution to transfer the maximum amount of downforce to your car, whilst keeping the body more rigidly secured to the rear of your car than ever possible before. The assembly is very strong, ensuring you are able to stay on the track in crashes, and not having to replace bodyshells just because the holes have been damaged or torn out. The adjustability offered by these mounts is a necessity to be able to tune the rake and height of your body.

Our new Horizontal Rear Post Body Mounting Set can be transferred body to body, and securely attaches your wing, as well as bracing the wing strut do protect against deforming high speed and in crashes.

The best part is, it makes body mounting an absolute breeze! No more rear holes at all, simply get your front holes correct and screw the mounts on! We recommend using body pins either side of the carbon to ensure maximum rigidity, however in testing we found even without any body pins behind the carbon, the body posts never managed to escape the carbon.... we'll leave that one up to you! 

Choosing what HRP Body Mounting System is right for you

To figure out which set is right for you, measure from the top of the wing strut to the centre of the holes in the rear of your body like the guide below. Choose a version that coincides with your measurement. We also have extensions available separately if you fall right in the middle or want even further adjustment! Some cars have specific versions because of their post width or height. Follow our guide below which explains which version you need for your car

Short Version (100-102mm post width): 32-39mm 

  • Suits Xray T4'18-'21, Yokomo BD10, Infinity IF14

Long Version (100-102mm post width): 39-46mm 

  • Suits Awesomatix A800MMX, Mugen MTC2

Yokomo BD10LC/BD11 (106mm Post Width):39-46mm

Xray X4/ARC A10: (112mm Post Width):39-46mm

Schumacher Mi7/Mi8/Destiny RX10SR3.0: (118mm Post Width): 36.5-44.5mm

Compatible Bodies for the HRP System

Our HRP System fits most popular bodies on the market including:

  • All Zoo Racing Models (inc GT Bodies)
  • All Xtreme Models
  • Bittydesign Hyper HR
  • Blitz Roadster


  • Improved downforce, durability, stiffness, appearance and adjustability
  • New Lite System weighs in at only 6g with all hardware! 
  • Fits all Zoo Racing and Xtreme, Bittydesign Hyper HR and Blitz Roadster Bodies
  • Fits most popular touring cars on the market
  • No holes required in the body for super easy body mounting
  • 2mm Play Extensions available separately to tune 
  • 3D Printed and CNC Carbon construction with all hardware required included
  • Pre Hand Assembled from our Factory

Installation instructions:

  • Attach mounts into wing struts by inserting M3 nut (Supplied) in the hex and attaching your wing. Make sure the offset carbon is facing outwards for all bodies except the Blitz Roadster
  • Loosen mounts and adjust to desired height. Ensure height is even left and right, and tighten. Do not over-tighten the M2 screws, simply "nip" them up!
  • Add body pins or adjusters to ensure there is minimal movement of the body back and forwards on the post once clips are installed.