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EK-1927 D819 E819 HD STEERING BRACE PLATE, 7075 2 COLOR ANO 1927

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Heavy duty 7075 machined alloy steering brace plate for the Hot Bodies D819, E819, D817, E817 series of buggies and trucks.

Polished and anodized in black with custom orange chamfers.


HB Racing D815
HB Racing D817
HB Racing D817 V2
HB Racing D817T
HB Racing E817 V2
HB Racing E817T

HB Racing D819

HB Racing E819

 HB Racing E819RS 

Product Reviews

  1. Helps drivetrain alignment and response 5 Star Review

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    Exotek yet again finds a way to bring improvements to the already stout HB platform. The Aluminum Center Bulkheads were plug and play and will surely add rigidity to an area in the buggy where power transfer and diff/axle alignment are critical.