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Destiny RX10SR 2.0 Bearing Kit

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Destiny RX10 SR 2.0 Bearing Kits. Multiple options are available on this listing, the drop down box above will give you all available options.
This car has the following Bearings:

3x6x2.5mm Bearings X 4 (Belt Tensioner)

4x7x2.5mm Bearings X 4 (Sway Bars)

5x8x2.5mm Bearings X 4 (Steering)

5x9x3mm Bearings X 2 (Spur Gear)

6x10x3mm Bearings X 8 (Wheel Hubs)

10x15x4mm Bearings X 4 (Spool / Diff)


Complete Standard Rubber Sealed Bearing Kit