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EK-1925 E819 HD SERVO MOUNT, 7075 2 COLOR ANO. 1925

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Heavy duty 7075 machined alloy steering crank set for the Hot Bodies D819, E819, D817, E817 series of buggies and trucks.

Includes bearings and crush sleeves to convert the buggies steering to be bushing free for long wear and slopless.

Polished and anodized in black with custom orange chamfers.


 HB Racing E819RS

HB Racing D819 

HB Racing E819

HB Racing D8
HB Racing D812
HB Racing D815
HB Racing D817
HB Racing D817 V2
HB Racing D817T
HB Racing D8T
HB Racing E817 V2
HB Racing E817T
HB Racing Ve8
HPI Apache C1
HPI Apache SC

Replacement bearing-