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Xtreme Brutale 0.5mm Ultra Light TC 190mm Shell

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Introducing the Xtreme Aerodynamics Ultra Light BRUTALE for 1/10 Touring Cars

This shell features:

  • ultra Light 0.5mm
  • maximum performance in terms of cornering speed
  • more rotation in the center of the curve
  • in-depth analysis of the optimal balance and aero efficiency

Design based on CFD results to obtain great performances, without any compromise.

The huge number of development sessions confirmed an overall performance improvement in the BRUTALE, especially in corner entry and corner speed.

The wing is designed to work with the Xtreme carbon side flaps (code MTRSP002): the slot profile is already marked for an easier cutting procedure. This option (not included with the body) increases the stability of the rear when cornering at high speed and in conditions of high drift angles.

Important: Price dropped due to no decals for this item.