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HUDY Air Vac is a handy, ultra-compact electric-powered vacuum pump for 1/8 off-road shock absorbers, developed to quickly & easily bleed unwanted air bubbles from oil-filled shock absorbers and differentials. May also be used as tire additive penetrator to help penetrate additive in the small pores of the foam tire. Well penetrated tire works better and last longer. Electrically operated, simple operation. The shock holder plate features 19mm holes for the shock absorbers.

The main platform is fully CNC-machined from aluminum, and includes exchangeable shock/diff stands and transparent plastic cover.

Air Vac includes strong & effective vacuum pump that is powered by 12V power supply or 7.2V battery (not included). Includes holders for shock absorbers and differential, 600mm connecting cable with gold-plated banana plugs. Comes in a premium hard case for safe storage & transport.

This high-quality premium device is fully produced and assembled by HUDY in Europe.

Available in 3 different sizes for on-road, 1/10 off-road, and 1/8 off-road.

2S battery pack = 7.4V = possible to use but the Air Vac will work a bit more slowly

Power supply 12 V = ideal and suggested for best performance of the Air Vac

4S battery pack = 14.8V = can not be used as it will destroy the Air Vac