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iCharger DX8 DUO 8S 50A 1600W

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DUO X8 (DX8) 

Notice the XT90 plug on the front and the new PD USB-C housing. The first haptic impression is very good, the operation goes very well from the hand and the keys and the wheel have a pleasant pressure point. At first glance, the menu is identical to the X and DUO series - Those who already call a Junsi Charger their own will not have to get used to it for long.
 Input voltage: 9-49VDC
Max. input current: 65A (Channel 45A)
Max. charge/discharge current: 50A (Channel 30A x2)
Max. charge power capacity: 1600W (Channel 1100W x2)
Max. Discharge power capacity: 70W (Channel 45W x2)
Max. regenerative discharge power capacity: 1600W (Channel 1100W x2)
Max. extra discharge power capacity: 2100W (Channel 1050W @35V/30A)
Max. current drain for balancing: 4A (Channel 2A x2)
Type-C PD port: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A
Supported battery types: LiPo, Lilo, LiFe, LiVH, LTO, NiZn, NiMH, NiCd, Pb
Net weight: 440g
Dimensions: 97.5 x 128.5 x 40 mm
Packaging Included:
 1x iCharger DX8