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 Hi guys, finally here we are!

I am pleased to announce the new GP9R’22 on-road engine.

Clearly we are not talking about a completely new engine but rather an evolution of the previous GP9R.

The evolution is mainly linked to the reliability of the 9 ports sleeve which unfortunately was not very high in the previous version.

After months of tests together with our pilots, and research in various surface treatment companies, we carried out a treatment outside the sleeve which increased the reliability and at the same time the performance, (as the piston works much better than before. ), eliminating internal vibrations that were deleterious.

The new GP9R’22 has also changed its external look, red lettering and the crankcase cap make the engine more attractive and visually different from the previous version.

I would like to announce that the engines are already available, and just this weekend they make their debut with our 3 official drivers (Gruber, Pirani and Collavo) at the capricorn trophy in Fiorano.

Stay tuned



Hand modified full race spec OS engines by Daniele Ielasi.

-Hand modified for additional performance

-Lighter custom head

-Ielasi zip up bag

Price is engine only.