IGT8 GT Nitro 2022 (IGT82022KIT)

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IGT8 have finally introduced their Nitro GT 2021 chassis. An all-new platform some of its key features include a straight line transmission, ultra-low mounted tilted engine and open diff, with safety cover providing easy access to the differential.

The multi-flex chassis system and centred braces with built in flex option give lots of setting options while the ultra-low radio tray with laydown servos keep the centre of gravity low.

Technical Information

  • Length 576mm
  • Width 317mm
  • Height 170mm
  • Weight 3510g (Weight may differ depending on electronics and engine brands)
  • Wheelbase 326mm~328mm
  • Internal Gear 13T bevel gear and 43T differential gear

Transmission Gears

1st Gear
14T pinion with 48T spur included
Spur options: 49T and 50T

2nd Gear
18T pinion with 45T spur included
Spur options: 46T and 47T

Note: 0.8 Transmission also available as an optional

Oils Included

  • 800 CST Shock oil
  • 50,000 CST Diff Oil
  • 500,000 CST Diff Oil


  • Radio and receiver
  • Receiver battery pack
  • Engine and pipe system
  • Tires
  • Body and wing


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Part no. IGT82021KIT