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JETKO J-ONE 1/8 Buggy Pre-Glued Tires (pair)

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JETKO J-ONE 1/8 Buggy Tires

Jetko recognises the excellent performance of “Bar” style tyres but also identified an issue with rapid wear rate when used with today's nitro-powered cars or high torque electric cars!

To provide the best solution/performance for heavier/powerful electric vehicles, Jetko undertook the task of developing a tyre that also meets the specific needs of electric models.

Instead of simply designing a stronger tyre with a thicker pattern and more surface area, Jetko made the strategic choice not to compromise on performance. They maintained the optimal surface area in contact with the ground and the appropriate thickness of lugs/Bar to ensure better performance. To further enhance longevity of the tyre, they made the following improvements:

  • Longitudinal Traction: Jetko improved forward drive by incorporating double-slotted lugs/Bars, which enhance the tyre's ability to grip the dirt, especially during acceleration and braking.
  • Wear Resistance: They added lugs/Bars that increase as the tire wears down, effectively compensating for wear and extending the tyre's lifespan. These features ensure that the tyre maintains its grip and performance even as it wears.

The most innovative aspect of their design is the introduction of the first light-belt carcass. This innovation was necessary to control deformation, particularly on today's nitro-powered cars or when electric cars apply high levels of torque.

The light-belt carcass helps maintain the structural integrity of the tyre under the stress of centrifugal forces from an electric car! As a result, the tyre can provide consistent performance and maintain tread contact even after multiple laps in an electric car race.

In summary, Jetko's approach to designing a tyre also usable for electric cars involved balancing performance with tyre wear and keeping stability in the tyre. By carefully optimizing key aspects of the tyre, they were able to create a product that can withstand the unique demands of electric cars and deliver exceptional performance, even under challenging conditions.

Available on rims:

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Black


  • Medium Soft
  • Super Soft
  • Ultra Soft
  • Wet/Cold (specifically designed compound)
  • Composite Soft (designed for Clay)
  • Composite Super Soft (designed for Clay)
  • Composite Ultra Soft (designed for Clay)

Part No. JKO1009D