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Klinik RC 100% Dry Air Filter 1/8 Nitro Buggy/Truggy w/ Pre-Filter (1pc)

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Klinik RC 100% Dry Air Filter 1/8 Nitro Buggy/Truggy w/ Pre-Filter (1)

Made in the USA!!!!!

Now experience maximum protection and performance without the mess or hassle of foam filters and oiling!

Klinik RC's 100% Dry Air Filter system uses a proprietary synthetic media offering filter efficiency exceeding 99.8%. Stop dust and dirt from entering your carburetor and expensive engine!

Unmatched dust holding capacity provides the longest run times and maximum power even when completely dirty!

Simple maintenance and No Messy Oiling.  Just blow the dust off from inside-out using low pressure compressed air and if extremely dirty, wash with Maxima Biowash and warm water, rinse from the inside out and allow to completely dry! DO NOT OIL AIR FILTER OR OUTER PRE-FILTER!!!!! One Dry Filter will replace dozens of foam inserts, oil and cleaners. The value is quickly realized. The Dry Filter is more economical, protects your expensive engine and more efficient!! Win win win!

Tough synthetic design for long lasting performance!

The first real innovation in R/C racing air filters in over 20 years! Protect your expensive engine with our brand new 100% dry air filter system! Developed in conjunction with leading full scale off-road and desert racing teams! In desert racing your vehicle is punished for up to 1000 miles in the dry desert silt and dust without a single air filter change. It took decades to develop a unique synthetic material that would endure the punishment while keeping the engine safe from harmful dust and providing loads of airflow for 1200hp trophy trucks! This technology is now available exclusively through Klinik RC! Months of testing and a couple tweaks later we now have what we can confidently say is the best air filter ever available to RC racers.

Our dry filter is unique because it's not foam and it's not a paper element! Its a synthetic membrane made by a leading desert race team right here in the USA! 


1x Synthetic Dry Filter Assembly

1x Outer Pre-Filter

2x Klinik RC Decals


Zip Ties to attach

Existing air filter boot (HB, AE, TLR style preferred. Tekno boot not recommended)