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KNUCKLE UP “BUCKSHOT” 10000mAh (2s5p) 400C BURST

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Introducing our next offering to the NPRC market. Our all new “BUCKSHOT” 10000mAh  (2s5p) 400C Burst with a new cell set comes a resize at 93 X 68 X 45mm(L,W,H) and a Net weight :560 grams ±10g. 


The 10K has received a full facelift with new cells which have been put through the most harsh testing our team drivers can dish out and has come out the other side as a new contender to the Knuckle Up Range.


The BUCKSHOT 10K by KU has the output to help even more with the huge voltage drops we are seeing, specially with the new 4 pole market hitting our hobby the 10k BuckShot holds and gains across the run. 


BUCKSHOT 8 Gage is just that and has been fitted standard with 8 AWG high saturation wire and comes with both XT90 and QS8s included with every battery. 


Thank you once again for all your support and look forward to bringing more badass battery’s and products to the table in the near future. 


Team Knuckle Up