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CAME-TV KUMINIK8 Wireless Headset/Intercom (Single Ear 2-9 Pack)

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Came-TV Kuminik8 Full-Duplex Digital Wireless Headsets with Hardcase

Clear communication is essential in any team environment. The Came-TV Kuminik8 headset features a large over-ear cup that is ideal for the RC nitro environment. With clear crisp sound through noise-canceling technology, these headsets will be an asset to your winning strategy. 

Not just for the RC industry. The full-duplex DECT technology makes it well suited for a variety of applications including film production, concerts, and public events.

All headsets come pre-paired, so its as simple as turning the units on and that's it! No belt-pack or hub required. 

Note: Backorders typically take 3-weeks to fulfil due to custom frequency adjustments required for Australian use.

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Designed for specifically for Australian standards

We've worked with the manufacturer to produce a headset that's within the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) guidelines. Avoid getting caught-out with illegal frequencies and get the right headset for the job. This CAME-TV product is specifically designed for Australian use.


  • The battery style is the NB-6L style and normally it is easy to purchase locally.
  • The headset is is foldable
  • Comes in a durable hardcase
  • Move the microphone arm up to mute and down to talk
  • Great surface area for decals


Product Specifications:

Standard DECT technology, GAP compatible
Range 1500ft (450 Meters) in open space
Talk Time Master 10 Hours, Remote 13 Hours;
Channel Bandwidth 1.728 MHz
Modulation Type GFSK
Transmission Speed 1.152 Mbps
Duplex Operation Time Division Duplex (TDD)
Frequency Bands 1.785-1.8G
Battery Capacity