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KWR Anti body Rub Mounts To Suit Destiny KWR003

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KWR Anti body Rub Mounts To Suit T4 Xray KWR002


Anti body Rub

Ever looked in your shell and seen black tyre marks in your front wheel arches?  With all the new high downforce shells on the market we found that now more than ever it was time to reduce the rub….After months of development and testing we found or shock tower fitted Anti Rub did exactly that.  This unique design allows the body to be mounted loosely on the body posts to prevent it tweaking the chassis.  When the chassis was loaded up on a corner the body would naturally want to roll onto the outside wheel.  This would unsettle the car resulting in a loss of corner speed and in some cause an unwanted spin. Seen here in the pic fitted to a T4 19 (fits T4 18,19 &20) affixed by

M3 screw.  We recommend that you fit foam to the top of the Anti rub that suits your body, ideally you only want 1mm clearance from the shell.       


Introduction to KWR Engineering


Through innovation and desire for perfection two mates decided that investing their time to improve their own and everyone else’s racing experience was worth the effort, which resulted in the creation of KWR engineering.  Glenn and John have decades of RC experience behind them, racing a vast range of different chassis.  This experience has allowed them to identify the gaps in brands and work out ways of tuning the chassis for the ultimate outcome….fast fun on race days….

Our mission is to create quality products that add value and benefit to the racer, not just making parts for the sake of it.  Working with racers for racers.