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Lexan Paints 1000mL

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These high quality Lexan Paints are specifically designed to adhere to polycarbonate RC bodies.

Race-it, Jump-it, Flip-it, Crash-it, Scrape-it, Spill-it, Lexan Paints will surprise you with what it can handle. Developed to be extremely flexible and durable lasting the extreme conditions racers put their shells through! 

The color consistency, application, durability and volume will make Lexan Paints your new favorite paint to work with!


  • Type: Polycarbonate Paint
  • Application: Airbrush
  • Volume: 1000mL


  • Clean surface prior to application
  • Do not use under 12deg or in very high-humidity
  • Thoroughly stir paint prior to use (do not shake)
  • Use right out of the bottle (with a 0.5mm tip @ 30-35psi)
  • Overlap by 50% for an even coat
  • Apply a minimum of two coats for coverage and durability