MATRIX Racing Tires 1/8 UGRIP Series (Rear)

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Thanks to a very close relationship with the Japanese foam rubber producer, we have created a new compound called ULTRA GRIP, developed after long tests with the best drivers in the world, which provides a higher grip than standard tires, with better balance and lower consumption.

Some really important innovations:

  • It is more rigid on the outside to ensure greater cornering;
  • is better balanced for better handling;
  • has increased stability to prevent the model from being nervous;
  • has a crown of holes that allow the insertion of tungsten headless screw with calibrated weight used for perfect balancing. The rim is only the first part of a new more complex and articulated concept, which will take balancing to a higher level, we will shortly give you information about the system.

Available in Light / Carbon / Precision / Flex versions.