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MC-ES MonacoRC Electric Screwdriver

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MC-ES MonacoRC Electric Screwdriver


The MonacoRC Professional electric screwdriver is our contribution to improving the experience of every RC enthusiast who wants a powerful screwdriver, without large dimensions but with the performance that every rc driver deserve for his commitment in our hobby.

Thanks to its small size (5.5 "x1.5" in diameter) our electric screwdriver fits almost all toolboxes and does not take up much space on the work bench. The Monacorc electric screwdriver has a non-slip rubber handle and an LED light that helps to illuminate the hidden work area of your model.

The 1/4" drive quick release chuck will accept any 1/4" drive tip, and prevents the tip from pulling out of the driver when you try to pull the tool out of the fastener. It has also a built in USB rechargeable Li-Ion battery that will deliver up to 40 minutes of constant run time. This should provide sufficient execution time to allow you to work for hours without having to recharge.