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Xtreme EP Twister 'ETS' Body Shell (MTB0413-ETS)

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Xtreme Twister 1:10 Touring Car Clear Body (190mm) 0.7mm ETS

The Twister body for 1/10th scale touring cars is Xtreme's answer to the current high downforce and cab-forward bodies on the market.

The Twister gives the car an incredible amount of traction, allowing for faster cornering.

The "safe" feeling also makes driving at the limit a lot easier!

Xtreme`s Twister body is made of high quality Lexan and is available in three different material thicknesses 0.4mm, 0.5mm and 0.7mm.

As always, the body comes including windshield masks for painting and a small decal sheet.

Available versions:

  • MX-MTB0413-UL Xtreme 1:10 Twister Touring Car Clear Body 0.40mm (190mm) Ultra Light
  • MX-MTB0413-L Xtreme 1:10 Twister Touring Car Clear Body 0.50mm (190mm) Lightweight
  • MX-MTB0413-ETS Xtreme 1:10 Twister Touring Car Clear Body 0.70mm (190mm) ETS / Regular
Technical specification:
Onroad: Touring Car
ETS Approved: ETS Modified / Pro Stock
Thickness: 0.7 mm