PowerHD program box PG-CB63

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Power HD Program Box PG-CB63

Power HD have introduced their PG-CB63 servo programming box. The box can be used to set the servo parameters as well as servo testing and uses a built-in high-performance 32-bit micro processor. Simply plug in the servo to adjust it and the programmer can store up to 20 saved settings in its memory, making it easy to adjust the servo for different conditions. Works with PGB and PGC servos from Power HD.


  • servo parameters setting
  • computer connection setting
  • servo testing


  • The program box PG-CB63 has built-in high-performance 32-bit micro processing, small size, easy operation.
  • Easily connect your Power HD servo to change parameters to suit track conditions. 
  • Store 20 sets different servo parameters.
  • Adjust central point to ensure the chassis' left and right angle is more consistent.
  • Servo testing - servos' board band and narrow band PWM testing function.
  • One-button restore to factory parameters function.

Compatible with the following Power HD servos

  • S15
  • S25
  • S35
  • S50
  • D12
  • D15
  • WH-20KG
  • WH-30KG
  • WH-40KG
  • A-40CHV
  • A-50CHV