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Introducing the new 2021 P12 EVO2 1/12 kit. This new kit from ROCHE promises to be a world class competitor on the track with a long list of design upgrades from its predecessor. 

Shipping now from ROCHE, order your P12 EVO2 today! 

Roche Rapide P12 EVO2 Features

  • New design “ULCG (Ultra Low CG) Tub aluminium main chassis”.
  • New design 7075 aluminium lower pod.
  • New design roll center fine adjustable center pivot system.
  • New design 7075 aluminum low CG motor mount with ultra fine (0.25mm per step) axle height adjuster.
  • New design graphite top plate, chassis brace and rear pod plate.
  • New design center damper mount and battery position mount.
  • New design fully fine adjustable (camber, caster, reactive caster, roll center) front suspension.  New graphite front upper arm, lower arm, 7075 aluminium caster block, single piece lightweight steering knuckle with axle, pivot ball steering system.
  • New big bore center damper, center spring, POM piston.
  • New design 7075 aluminum side spring holder.
  • New big bore side tube.
  • Lightweight rear solid axle and lightweight aluminium wheel hub.
  • New aluminium 4.3mm steering and side tube ball cup.
  • New aluminium 4.8mm center damper ball cup and ballstud.
  • New design graphite front bumper.
  • New urethane large hard foam bumper.
  • New special design M3x6mm ULP (Ultra Low Profile) screw with neck.

Part no. 151021