Schelle Car Bag

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Schelle Car Bag

Custom designed to hold and protect your most valuable piece of R/C gear, Schelle has taken the car bag to a whole new level with their sleek design and unparalleled functionality. The bag is stocked with premium padding, handles, zipper pulls and accessories. It comes with internal storage compartments for lexan wings, tires, protectors and more. It can even accommodate a car stand and pit board when housing a 1:10 car.

The Schelle car bag is a premium carry solution for a 1:10 Car / Truck or 1:8 Buggy. Photographers have a camera bag, programmers have a computer bag, and now R/C enthusiasts can have a capable car bag to effectively carry, store and protect their gear.

1. Heavy-Duty Nylon Construction
2. Full Padded Body
3. Durable Ripstop Top
4. Easy Grip Zipper Pulls
5. Comfort Fit Removable Shoulder Strap
6. ID Sleeve with Card
7. Dual Padded Handles
8. Wear resistant/water proof end panel
9. Outside dimensions 22 x 13 x 4 inches

1. Custom 1:10 and 1:8 Configuration (fits most cars under 5” tall)
2. Removable Tire and Wing* Storage Boxes
3. Zippered Mesh Pouch for Protectors, Manual, and Decals
4. Puncture Resistant Liner

Fits (but not included):
1. Pit board (12” x 20” max)
2. 4” foam car stand when housing a buggy

*note: Plastic wing storage box may be different from the photo. Our box vendor has 2 types of box that fit in our bag, and we may use either type if supply is limited