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SILVER LINE SPRING TL3.4 (Long/Gold/2pcs)

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SKU: SMJ1029

SMJ R&D team consisting of RC racing experts developed new shock springs to be new world standard items!
The new shock springs boast perfect balance of materials, surface treatment and measurements which can be only attained by those who know everything about RC racing.

New standard silver

This long-type 25mm shock spring was developed mainly for the rear part of 1/10 GP touring cars with foam tires.

Wire diameter: 1.5mm
The number of winds: 6
Spring rate: 340gf/mm

Made in Japan


Setting Advice

#SMJ1015 TL2.7 (Long/Green):

Best suited for ETS carpet tracks or tracks with too high a grip.

#SMJ1012 TL2.8 (Long/Blue):

Best suited for EP stock class carpet tracks.

#SMJ1013 TL3.0 (Long/Silver):

Basic long-type set. Also suited for GP touring car with rubber rear tires.

#SMJ1014 TL3.2 (Long/Pink):

Best suited for EP modified class and GP touring cars with rear foam tires.

#SMJ1029 TL3.4 (Long/Gold):

This spring is a little harder than TL3.2 (long-pink)

Spring Rate Chart

Part # Product Name Spring Rate
(gf/mm) (lb/inch)
SMJ1015 SILVER LINE SPRING TL2.7 (Long/Green) 273 15.3
SMJ1012 SILVER LINE SPRING TL2.8 (Long/Blue) 286 16.1
SMJ1013 SILVER LINE SPRING TL3.0 (Long/Silver) 302 16.9
SMJ1014 SILVER LINE SPRING TL3.2 (Long/Pink) 320 17.9
SMJ1029 SILVER LINE SPRING TL3.4 (Long/Gold) 340 19.1