Sparko F8E 1/8 EP Buggy Kit

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The SPARKO F8e 1/8 electric off-road buggy is a competition-level vehicle designed based on the concept of balance. This is the world's first battery mount design that provides the most configurations for a 1/8 vehicle in the industry. It can use batteries of different sizes to meet the power and time requirements for all racers around the world. In addition, the battery mount is designed in an eccentric mode. With multiple battery positions, balance response needs for all drivers and track conditions will be met.

Key Features:

1. Multi-configuration battery mount system: From 2s to 4s, you can achieve eccentric arrangements. From forward to back, to inside and outside, pure balance of the car can be achieved for optimal response.
2. Diverse battery forms: Our system can adopt 2S and 4s batteries in shorty and standard lengths.
3. Anti-flex aluminum motor mount system: Rigid system eliminates unwanted flex that allows the motor to operate accurately and efficiently. Result, smooth and reliable drivetrain.
4. Double rear brace design: Kit is equipped with one rear brace, but you can use two for more balance of the left and right torsion of the chassis. This can provide more consistent drive while cornering and accelerating (Official option part braces to be released soon).
5. Built-in AMB sensor mount: Cross the line faster because our mount is installed in front of the vehicle. Conveniently located on top of our compact receiver box.
6. Lightweight battery trays: The contact surface of the trays are designed with honeycomb grooves to provide excellent heat dissipation for the battery.
7. Factory-optioned front aluminum brace included: Provides rigidity and great response to our front end.
8. Easy-release center diff mount design: Maintaining your center diff is quite effortless.
9. Built-in versatile aluminum fan mount: Our chassis will fit 3cm or 4cm fans.
10. Aero Design: Aerodynamics of body and 3-in-1 rear wing design provides ultimate cornering and jumping.

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