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Team Associated RC8B3 42/12 Gear Set (ASS81009)

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RC8B3 42/12 Gear Set

This gear set for the RC8B3.1 and RC8B3.1e V3 differentials is great for low traction tracks. The underdrive gear set slows down the rear tire rotation compared to the front, making it more stable on low grip surfaces.


  • Using underdrive gears in the rear end makes the rear tires rotate slower than the front
  • Beneficial when running in low traction conditions to smooth out the car's responsiveness
  • Compatible with RC8B3.1 V3 differentials on the RC8B3.1 and RC8B3.1e

#81009 contents:
qty 1 Diff Pinion Gear, 12T
qty 1 Diff Ring Gear, 42T

Formerly: RC8B3.1 Underdrive Differential Gear Set

Factory Part No. 81009