Team Magic Formula 10 Supra Car/Buggy Bag TM119239

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Team Magic Formula 10 Supra Car/Buggy Bag TM119239

Bag - Transport - Team Magic F10 Supra - with plastic boxes and wheels
Not long ago, racers used to carry many small bags to race. Racers were also forced to put everything together, no matter it is clean or dirty. To solve these problems, TM has tried many bags from other industries. These sample bags were made for different purposes. This gives us a good idea: We need to build a bag for RC purposes. Therefore, you can find TM touring car bag has many special features. Different items can be packed in different places, but you still have only one bag to take care. Team Magic is the first company releasing a true RC car bag. The bag has particular space for car, tools, setup board & connecting other bags. In addition, it is also very easy to tow the bag around the track as a cool handle & smooth trolley wheels are used.
Bag dimensions: 57.5 * 30 * 53cm
Big drawer: 52 * 24 * 12.5cm
Small drawer: 22 * 24.5 * 11cm
Tool Box: 25 * 6 * 5.5cm

Fits 10scale

Team Magic bags are made in ultra durable and strong material, that will provide you transport bag you can keep for years.

Team Magic bag quality is always copied, never matched.